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Business Name Search and Reservation

Starting a Business? The first step is right here. Order a Search to check your Business Name is available and Reserve it for 90 days.

(*Includes Government Fees)

$41.00 plus hst *

Property Search

Abstract of Title

Buying your first property? (or your 7th?) Start here with a real property search in the Government Registry and Land Titles.

(*Subject to Government Fees)

$65.00/hr plus hst *


Personal and Corporate

We can help with many types of litigation including Small Claims, Judgements, Causes, Matters and Rule 80.

(*Subject to Government Fees)

$40.00 plus hst *

Corporate Supplies

Legal Supplies for Your Business

We can supply yours or your clients company with Minute Books, Seals, Stamps, Share Certificates or any other legal supply needs.

Prices Vary (plus HST)

Business Name Registration

Local/Federal Registration


Ready to register and get that business going? Your second step is right here in Business Name Registration.

(*Subject to Government Fees)

$50.00 plus hst *


Personal Property Registry Search

Do you need a Search of the Personal Property Registry (PPR)? We can assist you in finding the information you need.

(*Subject to Government Fees)

$47.00 plus hst *

Sheriff Certificates

Certificate Filing


We can help you with a filing or renewal of an order, a certificate or a writ that the sheriff is required to enforce.

(*Subject to Government Fees)

$40.00 plus hst *

Agent of Service

Legal Business Representative for New Brunswick

We can act as your Agent of Service for your out of province business that also operates as a business in New Brunswick.

(*Subject to Government Fees)

$75.00/per year plus hst *

Business Incorporation

Business Incorporation

Ready to incorporate your business? Your third step is right here. We can find you the right forms and file with Government New Brunswick.

(*Subject to Government Fees)

$75.00 plus HST *


Personal Property Security Act Registrations

Do you need to register security under the Personal Property Act? We can help guide you through the steps and register your property.

(Subject to Government Fees)

$40.00 plus HST

Bankruptcy Searches

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Records Searches

We can help you to find out if an individual, business or corporation has been bankrupt in the past or present.

(Subject to Government Fees)

$40.00 plus HST

Other Services

Not Sure What You Need?

We offer many other legal search and support services. With over 35 years experience, Butlers Searching can offer advice to help get you on track towards your personal or business goals.

Questions are Free!

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